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I recently captured a brief panorama of Placido, the former chief of the Tonkawa tribe that lived in Central Texas until 1855. His statue was placed as part of the Leadership San Marcos Class of 2007, in cooperation and under the leadership of Chief Don Patterson of the Tonkawa Tribe.

The Gallant Chief Placido of the Tonkawa Tribe (2m 20s)

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Placido is arguably the best friend Texas settlers ever had, but he was no friend of the Comanche, nor any tribe that raided settlements. Although his Indian name meant “Can’t kill him” rival tribes ultimately did just that in the 1862 Tonkawa massacre in Oklahoma, after Texas demanded that the tribe leave Texas, and its protection, in 1859. One of Placido’s best friends, Ed Burlesson had a house on a hill above San Marcos springs. Placido often visited him there.