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Hey, I’m

Bob O’Dell

I’m a Bridge Person

I cross bridges. First, I walk into a situation and meet people who don’t look or act like me. I do this whenever something about them has captured my attention. Next, I learn everything I can about them and allow their stories to change me. Finally, I write, taking my readers on a journey, giving them opportunity to be changed as well.

Bob’s 3 Journeys

Re-establishing our

Native American Friendships

Bridging between

East and West Austin


Understanding the

Orthodox Jews of Israel

As an entrepreneur, I worked with Israeli Jews for decades. But in 2014, I decided to walk alongside Israeli Orthodox Jews — if they would let me — helping them start companies. Standing on the walls of Jerusalem, I heard an Orthodox Jew share an amazing idea. As new friends, Gidon helped me befriend dozens of Orthodox Jews in Israel. Yes, I helped Gidon start a business, but my new friends helped me understand the heart of a Jew. That’s why I write on Israel.

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Bob O’Dell’s Latest Book

Five Years with Orthodox Jews

How Connecting with God’s People Unlocks Understanding of God’s Word

Does the Old Testament feel difficult and harsh? That’s because we’re reading somebody else’s mail!  The good news is God’s original recipients are still with us! Relationship with the Jewish people unlocks the meaning and beauty of God’s Word. 

Discover forty Christian insights God gives those who befriend the people of Israel.


for Five Years with Orthodox Jews

Brad Young, PhD

A page-turner! A must-read! A riveting journey into a revolutionary new mindset!

Rabbi Tuly Weisz

 The most important book besides the Bible to read this year.

Marvin Wilson, PhD

In this strikingly original read you will experience the awe of God, Israel and the Torah in a powerful new way.

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The JJ Seabrook Story

An excerpt from : O’Dell, Bob, Five Years with Orthodox Jews, (Jerusalem, Israel: Root Source Press, 2020), 290-291.   In 1975, eight years before I first set foot in Austin, a debate raged in the city council about renaming one of the larger streets, 19th...

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Visiting the Places of Israel

Visiting the Places of Israel

In my five years of working with Orthodox Jews, I created a number of videos that show interesting locations in Israel. We called this series Root Source Tours. The Inn of the Good Samaritan is one of my more recent videos on that series. The ancient road from...

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